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What's Übermensch and why the name 'Übermensch Design Studio'?

Übermensch is a term coined by prominent philosopher Fredrick Nietzsche. While the literal translation of 'Übermensch' means Above-Man, it's philosophical meaning is much broader and significant. Übermensch is a person, entrusted with the creation of new values and standards for humanity; in the absence of God.

For the longest time, primitive human beings dwelled in the wild or took shelter in the caves; all creations of God. When humans started making their shelters, architecture aspired to mimic the divinity of nature's scale, proportion, ratios and aesthetic. Architectural marvels of the old world are a testament to the success of mankind in tailoring God's vision.

Post-world war, our general vision of architectural craftsmanship was replaced by an industrial design approach that demanded the bare-minimum i.e. functionality. 'Assembly line' architectural style in the contemporary world is extremely obsolete and redundant but, unfortunately, most prevalent! 21st century is the era of the resurgence of mass-craftsmanship. In contemporary design practice, a designer should refrain from producing architecture simply to suffice the functional requirement. Unlike the 20th century, we are devoid of any scarcity in any form. We have an abundance of technology and infrastructure to support and practice any form of designs we can imagine. Design profession has to transform to reach it's epitome and thus, Übermensch Design Studio aspires to set new benchmarks and standards for contemporary designs. We understand the value and virtue of scales, proportions, ratios and geometry is design. The precision in details and definition of design brings out the divinity inherent in them.


Being aware of the fact that some racial-supremacist associate themselves with the word 'Übermensch'; we would also like to absolve the stigma of this word and make this word a synonym to great designs and aesthetics.

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